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Long Distance Moves San Diego

A US Eagle Moving is a long distance moving specialist.

Long distance moves are different from local moves and require a special set of skills, licenses, and experience.

Our years of experience have taught us how to achieve hassle free, on-time moves time after time.

We offer two pricing options for long-distance moves.

Our customers have a choice of binding prices, which are based on the cubic footage of your move, or non-binding Estimate, which is based on the actual weight of your move.

Binding moves are beneficial to our customers because they are informed of the pricing before the move occurs and that pricing does not change unless additional items are added to the move. Our relocation consultants and on-site estimators will help you determine the items that you wish to move and then create a set price for those items based on the amount of space they will use in our professional moving trucks. Your price is then determined by the amount of the cubic feet or “cubes” of your items. Customers that are organized, and know exactly what they wish to move would prefer this option as it works well in planning your moving budget.

The second pricing option for long distance moving is a non-binding estimate based upon weight. In a weight-based move, your consultant will determine an initial price based on the items that you plan to move. Your final price is determined after your items are collected and weight at a certified weigh station. Our customers find this to be an excellent option because you are provided copies of the weight tickets for your move for verification. In this scenario, you are paying for the exact weight of your items.

US Eagle Moving has a minimum of 1,000 lbs on all weight based moves.

We offer many specials, and perks for moving with us, so please, call us today and let us help you decide which options are best for your move. You will be glad that you did!


Contact the experts at US Eagle Moving for help with your next move.

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