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Hassle-Free Moving

Packing your house is one of the most daunting tasks during a move. This is where our pro movers in San Diego enter the scene. We make sure that your belongings are packed safely and with care, eliminating any stress you might have about the process.

There’s a reason why we are called the best moving company in San Diego. Our packers and movers offer great value for money by keeping all your concerns in mind and delivering their best.

Packing Your Belongs With Great Care

Whether it’s a local move or a long-distance move, residential, commercial, or a move that involves transporting special items, you will always find US Eagle Moving at your disposal. Our San Diego relocation services have gained a high reputation for catering to our clients’ every need.

There are plenty of DIY videos that will show how to pack your belongings, but we urge you to hire pro movers in San Diego to do the job. Here’s why:

  • A moving service, chosen with full-packing or partial-packing incudes an affordable quote for the supplies, which when bought individually will cost you hundreds of dollars
  • The packing supplies we use are of sturdy quality. Boxes marked delicate are stuffed with foam peanuts to ensure that nothing breaks
  • With the help of professional moving services in San Diego, you won’t have to worry about your belongings getting damaged in transit

While you can ease some of the burdens by calling your friends and family over to help with the move, but it will still take time. Besides losing precious time, preparing for a major move without expert help might result in your belongings being packed haphazardly in a way that causes damage.

The most crucial phase of a move is packing. This is why our San Diego relocation services offer multiple types of packing options:

Full-Service Packing

You don’t have to lift a single finger when hiring our pro movers in San Diego for full-service packing. Just keep all your important documents and jewelry with you, and we will pack the rest.

Half-Service Packing

If you’re worried about your furniture’s packing, know that we also offer partial packing services. We use plastic sheets and foam rolls to protect your furniture from scratches and dings.

Customized Packing

A customized packing plan is tailored to your moving needs. Direct us to the rooms with things that need to be packed, and we will make sure that your need for privacy is respected.

Packing Inventory

To help you keep track of what items are packed in which box, we label them so that you can easily arrange your belongings when you move into your new house. We also offer a checklist for your convenience.

Packing Unique Items

Looking for pro movers in San Diego who know how to handle your grand piano or your prized antique collection? We have got all the necessary supplies and years of experience to make it happen.

Unpacking Services

Too scared to open the boxes and get started with putting everything in their new place? Let us handle the unpacking process too. Don’t worry about the trash because we clean up after ourselves too.

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Let Our Packers and Movers Handle It All

You Can Trust Us!

We will take the heavy load off your hands… literally. To make sure that all your belongings arrive safely at your new destination, we offer insurance. If you want us to move unique items, we urge you to buy Full Protection. This way, if something does get damaged during transit, you will be compensated for it.

Affordable Moving Service in San Diego

US Eagle Moving

Our movers are highly trained and competent in the art of moving, so finding yourself in their control along with the assistance of the very most sophisticated relocating gadgets, is an assurance that each one your valuables are typically in good hands. This is why for your relocation needs, only get the best and the company that is not contented with mediocrity, a company that still makes an effort to make each of our services even much better in response to the increasing needs of our clients. Thus in cases you are in need of a great moving company then, Movers San Diego is exactly what you need.

Our company is known for being one of the top moving companies San Diego. Our local movers San Diego is available 24/7 to offer you 5 star services, including packing, unpacking and storage so you don’t need to worry about a thing. At US Eagle we understand the importance of your belongings especially fragile ones like paintings, antiques, vases, electronic products, and so forth.

Our movers safely pack and protect all your belongings! 

What sets us apart from other moving companies is our 100% satisfaction guarantee and commitment to our 5 star service. We also offer long distance movers in San Diego California if you are moving interstate.

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