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Many moving companies are not allowed to move your pets. Learn what steps you need to take for pet relocation.
Never move an aquarium with the fish inside, it will harm your fish and possibly ruin your fish tank.
States and countries often require inspections for plants and have restrictions on types of plants to protect natural ecosystems.
Hosting a yard sale can turn your unwanted items into cash and help lower the cost of your move by lightening the weight of your truck.
Pack room by room, label everything, and make sure breakables are secure in your moving boxes.
Keep your valuables safe and in one piece by using professional-grade packing materials.
The safest way to move your electronics is to use the original box from when you bought the appliance.
Moving companies can’t transport dangerous items. Keep important documents, jewelry, medicines, and small heirlooms with you while you move.
Late April is a good time to move into a new apartment. Normally the weather is comfortable and you beat the busy season of summer moving.
Tax deductible moving expenses must meet three conditions: you must have moved within a year, have moved outside of 50 miles, and you must work full time at your new job.

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