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US Eagle Moving offers 5 star moving services in San Diego, CA. We are the movers that make moving look easy. We have been helping people move their belongings for almost a decade now. We are solely responsible for making sure all your personal belongings move with care from the moment we quote the moving cost until move-in day. We aim to make our customers happy, and that means no dropped boxes and courteous staff who follow your instructions.

Having helped hundreds of clients relocate, we understand relocation stress. Our number one goal is to make it less stressful so that you enter your new home smiling.

Our motto is, “We make moving look easy.”

There’s a reason why we receive so many referrals and are considered the customers’ choice commercial movers San Diego. Our staff are courteous and follow a system. They value their clients’ opinions and follow their instructions accordingly.

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Your Move In 3 Easy Steps

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Send us your move details for a free quote.After you accept the proposal, we'll arrange a date and time that is convenient for you. We may also do a pre-inspection of your home. Request your quote online below.

We Prep For Your Move

We will arrive on time to prepare your belongings and help you pack if desired. During the moving process, we will wrap all your items and load them into the moving truck. We will also provide you with wardrobe boxes and other packing items.

We Do The Heavy Lifting

We will transport your belongings via cargo truck from the starting point to the location of your choice. Once there, we will unwrap, place your belongings in their proper locations, and then reassemble them as requested.

Our Moving Services

US Eagle Moving has been a leading moving company in San Diego for over eight years. Our team of experienced movers will take care of all the packing and loading so that your relocation is hassle-free, making it as easy on you both emotionally and financially as possible by offering excellent customer service.

In our experience as a leading mover in San Diego County, we understand how hard it can be to ensure a seamless move from your old home to the new one. Let our bonded and certified moving professionals handle your house relocation while you let your worries wash away. With moving experience ranging from homes to apartments to universities, offices, and offices, we are considered as one of the best moving companies in San Diego CA. 

With our long-distance moving services, your in-state relocation will be a breeze. We provide all packing services including supplies such as furniture wrap, wardrobe boxes, and bubble wrap. We will ensure that everything from the packing, handling, and transporting to the unloading to your new home goes smoothly. With US Eagle Moving, your move to or from the San Diego area can be a smooth VIP experience! College students and residents of colleges can also get flexible/discounted rates.

Making an office move in the San Diego County area while tending to the needs of an active business can be stressful and costly. With years of experience in the moving business and storage industry, US Eagle Moving offers complete, safe, and cost-effective office moving services. We offer comprehensive insurance and valuation coverage. Our office movers San Diego provide moving and storage solutions that help companies of all sizes save time and money while minimizing disruptions to operations.

Our attention to detail makes us one of the most trusted and best San Diego movers. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of service to our loyal and new customers. You can expect a full inventory of your entire residence or room, including all wires and electronic items. If you need specialized services like equipment disconnection and wire management, our moving professionals are also trained to handle the work carefully. 

Pianos can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars; don’t risk damaging one by using amateur movers who don’t know how to move them. We only use specialized piano moving equipment to safely move your upright, grand, or baby grand piano. You can count on our piano movers San Diego to make the process as easy as possible, whether you need it moved across town or across the country. Contact us today to organize your piano relocation.


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Are you ready for the best moving experience of your life? Get in touch with our moving experts today to learn more about our moving services in San Diego! 

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Why Choose Us

Moving is stressful, there’s no way around it. You must consider all the planning, organizing, communicating, packing, traveling, unpacking, and settling aspects of relocation. Our team has been doing all this for eight years now, so it is easy. Let US Eagle Movers handle your next move; we offer:

Affordable rates and NO surprises!

Our San Diego movers are always on time!

We pack and unpack safely

We are a professional and experienced team

Providing 24×7 support

Comprehensive Insurance

Valuation Coverage

COVID-19 safe operations


What Our Clients Say

Don’t Take Our Word For It – See What Our Customers Have to Say!

I am so happy with my move, thanks to these guys! I had Mohamed and Alfred, and they were fantastic! They were right on time, courteous, and worked diligently to get the move completed as quickly and painlessly as possible. They took care of all my furniture, wrapping it securely and ensuring nothing would get damaged. They were also awesome with moving all of my wine; not a single bottle was lost/broken! Additionally, the price was exactly as quoted—no surprises with my final bill. I would highly recommend these guys/ US Eagle Moving Service and use them again for my next move. Thanks so much for a wonderful experience!
Ana S R
Ana. S
Fair pricing, Great customer service, very efficient, and polite movers. I am happy I went with US Eagle Moving, even though I got many other good quotes. They went above, and beyond all of my expectations, they worked very quickly and didn’t leave any damage to my old house, none of my furniture was damaged. They made my move stress less. I definitely will recommend them to my friends.
Art G.
Mario Gonzalez
I called Mike at 7 am, and he fit me into his schedule at 10 am the same morning. They both were so FAST AND EFFICIENT!! That's the most important thing to me. Very polite, fantastic customer service, and a walking miracle. Thank you so much to this company. I am officially MOVED!
Review P
Peaaches N.
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The US Eagle Promise

It’s not always easy to trust someone with your personal belongings. It is understandable that you have concerns on your move, and we will do our best to address them. We tend to keep that promise.

We strive to be the best moving company in San Diego, CA. We have thought of it all, so you can relax and plan your housewarming party. So why don’t you go shopping while we do the move? When you’re ready, we’ll have your moving checklist at our fingertips. We guarantee a smooth ride from here on.

We strive to stay true to our services by:

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San Diego Moving Tips and FAQs:

US Eagle Moving is the best San Diego moving company when it comes to competitive prices. Our free estimates have helped people just like you find and compare the best options! All San Diego moving companies consider the following factors when preparing their price quotes: 

  • The Size of Your Goods

Your belongings will be inventoried by your mover to determine how many cubic feet of household goods need to be moved. The number can then be used to determine your move size and truck number. From there, the moving company will how many trucks and vehicles are needed, as well as what kind of crew and equipment is required for the move.

  • Stairs, Floors, and Elevators

Next, the local San Diego CA movers will check whether your home has stairs or elevators. Each set of stairs or elevators adds 10% to the time it takes to move.

  • Walking Distance

The distance from where the moving truck will be parked to where you live can be long and add time to a move. Your moving company should be aware of this if there are any long walks on the route where they will park.

  • Drive Time

A reputable moving company will calculate how long it will take them to complete their move based on the distance and drive time! The more time they spend driving, the higher their costs. Our quotes for local and long distance moving include travel fees, storage, fuel surcharges, and hourly rates, so there are no surprises later on.

Whether you are a student, a family, or a business, we offer flexible rates and moving solutions for all customers.

Moving can be stressful, but if you plan and hire professional movers to handle the heavy lifting, it will go more smoothly! Finding a San Diego moving company that knows your neighborhood locations is the best way to accomplish this. For instance, moving companies that handle packing, storage, and relocations for residents of Solana Beach or La Jolla have plenty of expertise handling furniture such as TVs or couches. 

The most important thing is that you have enough help to carry the item, so you won’t risk damaging your furniture and apartment. Expert movers are knowledgeable about how much pressure to apply to a particular area, so that nothing gets bent out of shape or, even worse, break. They also secure the move as additional protection to pets and children.

Movers offer more than just moving and packing. They can also help you secure with care your TV boxes, household items, clothes, and other items around your room basement. Packing services include wrapping fragile items for shipping (such as glassware), applying furniture pads and padding for extra protection to protect your house from scratches.

Moves are never easy. All items must be packed up. You then have to haul them in a truck across town or across the country, depending on where you are going. When there is ice and snow one day and sweltering heat the next, things become even more complicated. It’s for this reason that you should hire San Diego safe movers!

Hiring a commercial San Diego office movers takes away a lot of stress from your move because they handle packing, loading, transporting, storage and unloading without any hassle at all. This way, you can move to your new place without tension.

If you’re moving a piano, there is no “one size fits all” price. Moving pianos costs vary based on the type of instrument (baby grand versus upright), how far the instrument needs to be moved, and where you live. Several factors contribute to the pricing of this service; please contact us for a more accurate price.

Piano moves costs can range from $200 to more than $2,000 depending on the size of the piano. Moving prices are generally determined by distance, storage, and difficulty of transport, as well as whether or not your home needs other services such as packing materials for fragile items.

The standard movers company cannot handle a piano without damaging it. This is why you should only hire a trusted piano moving company in San Diego. As these instruments have irregular weight distribution, it takes teamwork and problem-solving skills to handle them during transport. You can count on us when you want an expert moving company in the industry who cares about the safety of your piano! As one of San Diego’s trusted Piano Movers as rated by our customers, we offer reliable residential moving services across town and nationwide.

Hiring a truck can be cheaper, but it also has lots of disadvantages. Be prepared to do a lot of heavy lifting if you do the move yourself. Think about the time and effort it will take to move your sofa, dining table, bed frames, TV, and other valuable appliances. Likewise, you will be responsible for all planning and coordination. You never know when a problem may arise down the road.

Renting a truck and doing it all yourself could be cheaper, but unless you have experience in packing, storage, and transporting goods, this is not recommended. It is possible to tear your muscles while lifting. Furthermore, damage to your goods is also a possibility. 

A move’s cost is more than just the price on paper. The hidden costs that people often fail to consider when renting a truck for moving include tolls, packing materials such as wardrobe boxes, time spent in transit, and storage at their destination. Fuel must also be considered. The sum of all these factors will make it clear you shouldn’t rent a truck and move on your own. If you want to make your move effortless and stress-free, you should hire professional movers San Diego.

If you are planning to move across the country, you should hire long-distance movers. You will feel safer as well as have your valuables safe. When you have so many options to choose from, how do you choose a reliable long-distance moving company?

Moving across the country can be stressful, but long-distance movers can make the process easier. Licensed companies provide their customers with excellent safety and peace of mind while traveling, as well as having their valuables stored in a secure storage location until they arrive at their destination. In order to determine which is the best choice for customers like you among many options on the market today, consider the following:

Step 1: Verify that customer reviews, license, and insurance.

You should be able to see all the information about a reliable company. License numbers, as well as customer reviews, can both provide good indicators that your move with them will be successful!  

Checking customer reviews is a key step before choosing a service provider. Researching their past customers’ reviews can tell you whether or not they have a good reputation. The best way to determine a cross country mover’s reputation is to read reviews about their service on Yelp. Those customers’ comments should leave no doubt about what type of quality workmanship to expect, and how reliable this business is.

Step 2: Check the costs. 

Obviously, your first instinct will be to choose the lowest price if you’ve been given an estimate from a long-distance mover. Though money doesn’t grow on trees and no one wants to spend more than they have to – price alone should not be the deciding factor between moving companies. 

Consider also what additional services are included in their quotes, and how much they all cost, along with any additional service fees or add-ons, such as packing materials and custom crating (which is often overlooked but is a valuable service).

Moving can also involve clearing out storage space and disassembling large furniture. The lowest estimate might not include these additional services. Extra costs must either be included in the moving quotes or negotiated beforehand so there are no surprises along the way and everything is clear from the start.

Here are some tips to help you save money and get the best deal. 

3) Pack it yourself: By doing all of the sorting, labeling, and packaging, you save on packing fees! It’s also safer to know that everything is packed properly before delivery.

2) Negotiate the most competitive price with your mover. It is a viable option if you prefer one company over its competition but finds their fees to be too high. Moving companies usually offer flexible pricing for well-informed customers.

3) Book early. Check with your moving team to see if they can offer better pricing for customers with flexible schedules so that you can save money on prices quoted!

4) Be in touch with your landlord. Prior to moving, make sure you have a place to store your items. Verify with your landlord the day you will be able to move into your new home to avoid any delays and to avoid getting charged extra.

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