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For US Eagle Moving, a long-distance move is about covering every area from coast to coast and making sure all your belongings are delivered safely. We are one of the best long-distance moving companies in San Diego because of the reliable services we offer. One thing you can be sure of is that when we take charge of the move, everything goes smoothly.

We understand that moving is a huge deal for homeowners. After all, you are leaving so many memories behind, which is what truly makes a home. Add in the financial and logistical decisions, and you feel overwhelmed with everything you have to deal with. This is where our San Diego long distance movers come in. Having worked with hundreds of homeowners, their know-how makes the entire process as worry-free as possible for you. While our movers handle your belongings, you can focus on other important aspects of the move, such as finalizing your home sale.

How a Long-Distance Move Works

A long-distance move can be very hectic. The stress of it all can take quite a toll on you. Keeping this in mind, we provide our clients with the benefit of full service and self-service. If this is your first move, you are probably wondering where to begin. All that furniture, emptying drawers, and packing delicate items can be daunting. Wanting to worry about packing methods and damage during transit is a valid reason for hiring professionals to do the job.

Our San Diego safe movers will help you pack everything. Just point us in the right direction, and we will create a plan that will help you keep track of your belongings. For a long-distance move, our services are weight-based.

We follow a 4-step process for our long-distance move:



Our San Diego long-distance movers start by making an inventory after inspecting every room. This allows us to determine the quantity and kind of packing supplies we will need. Depending on whether you have chosen full-service or half-service, we start boxing your belongings. A checklist is used to keep track of everything packed.



Once the entire house is packed, the boxes and furniture are loaded. Since a long-distance move can be a bit bumpy, we make sure that all your belongings are packed securely. The boxes are stacked close together to avoid any fall-downs due to jostling.



Safety has always been and will be our top priority. Our moving trucks contain suspension systems that provide maximum protection. Furniture is properly secured inside the truck to make sure that it does not tip over and damage the boxes. We have licensed drivers on our time with years of experience. They navigate the roads of San Diego, so your belongings will be in safe hands.



We are one of the few long-distance moving companies in San Diego who see you into your house. Boxes are unloaded, inventory is taken, and on your command, we begin the unpacking process. Direct our movers to the rooms where certain boxes and furniture need to go so that you don’t worry about dragging them to their rightful place afterward.

A Safe Trip to Your New House

We Always Move With Care

Carrying a heavy load more than 100 miles from your old house to the new one takes time. One thing we can guarantee is that once the boxes are unloaded, you will find them in perfect condition. We know that most homeowners are worried about movers driving recklessly when covering a long distance. This is why we handpick our San Diego long-distance movers for the position of professional drivers, who are more concerned with making a safe trip than getting quickly to the destination.

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At US Eagle moving we offer affordable Long Distance Movers in San Diego. Let us take care of the packing, loading, shipping, unloading, and unpacking for you to ensure a stress free move. 

US Eagle Moving offers 5 star service at exceedingly competitive prices. Contact us today to plan your next long distance move in San Diego.

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