Hiring a Professional Moving Company vs. Attempting A Self-Move

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Since it’s the beginning of the year, I thought I would start off this month’s blog with some insider-information for those of you planning a move in the months ahead – I hope these tips are helpful when considering your options, whether you’re relocating from New York cross-country to Tempe, AZ and in need of trustworthy Arizona moving companies, or staying on the East Coast and simply looking for the best moving company around. Read on for more helpful pointers, and check in often for useful moving tips!


As anyone who’s experienced moving first-hand, you know that relocating can be a very stressful process. One of the first questions that often come to mind is whether or not you’ll attempt a self-move or find a reliable full service moving company to assist you during this transition. Although moving across town might just require a U-Haul or a friend’s van, very few of us have the means to make a move that’s more than a few miles away, and if you’re traveling out of state, finding an interstate moving company that is both trustworthy and reliable is probably one of the most crucial decisions you can make to ensure a seamless relocation.

There are many factors to keep in mind when deciding upon the best moving options for you, including your timeframe and budget, as well as the difficulty and the complexity of your move. It’s important to consider all of these aspects before deciding if you want to rent your own moving truck or leave it to the professional movers, and if you choose the latter, how to determine the best local moving company or nationwide movers based on these needs. The following questions will help you get started when weighing your options:

1. How much will you be moving? If you’re going to use a rental van or moving truck, it’s important to know what size vehicle to get in order to fit all of your personal belongings. In order to determine the cost of household moving, use the guide most truck rental agencies use, and count the number of bedrooms. As a rule of thumb, here’s a sample truck-size guide from U-Haul:

26′ will move 4+ bedrooms
24′ will move 3-4 bedrooms
17′ will move 2-3 bedrooms
14′ will move 1-2 bedrooms
10′ will move an apartment
2. How far are you moving? Next, consider the distance from point A to point B – most local truck rental agencies can provide you with hourly rates; it’s also important to remember that when you are moving one-way, the cost can increase by 50% or more. Also, don’t forget that in addition to the fee to rent a moving van, you also need to consider gas costs and mileage; in the end, using moving services (especially for long-distance moves) can be much more cost-effective, as well as less stressful.

After you have answered these two major questions, you’ll be able to gauge your next steps. You may want to consider different local moving companies available in your area – are you looking for local house movers, long distance movers, cross country movers, international shipping services, or are you simply searching for cheap moving companies? Once you’ve determined exactly what services are required for your move, you can further narrow down your options and choose the best moving company to accommodate your needs.

Now that we’ve reviewed the basics, you will have a better idea of doing a cost-comparison analysis and can determine whether or not you want to use the services of professional moving companies (such as US Eagle Moving), or simply rent a van and move yourself. However, there are a few other important factors to consider, especially if you’re making a long-distance, cross-country or international move. Below, some final questions you may want to ask:

How much time will it take to pack your belongings, load everything up and drive it to your new destination?
Do you have additional help, such as friends, family, neighbors or colleagues that can lend a hand?
Do you have fragile or delicate items that will require special handling? Can you move these items yourself? If not, what will it cost to move them?
Will you need to rent additional equipment/supplies/hired-hands to move larger items, such as appliances, pianos, or other unwieldy furnishings?
Are you confident that you can move your personal belongings safely?
Are you aware of hidden costs or unexpected expenses involved in the moving process, such as additional insurance or packing supplies?
Once you’ve reviewed these factors, you will be able to make an informed decision and choose the best moving option for you. You will find that there are many long distance moving companies, full service moving companies, household movers and cheap movers, but few are able to offer you the variety of services available at US Eagle Moving. An independently owned and operated nationwide mover, we’re here to help customize each and every move to meet your expectations. Whether you’re relocating across town or across the country, US Eagle Moving is a full-service moving company, providing a wide array of services customized to suit your individual needs. Our commitment to you includes our three core practices:

SERVICE: We offer moving services tailor-made for each customer – from small residential moves to large business relocations, we’ve got the services you need for any type of move.
QUALITY: At US Eagle Moving, quality is the single most important factor in the delivery of any product or service. Our goal is simple: complete customer satisfaction with each and every move.
VALUE: We realize the importance of knowing what your budget will be, from local moves to cross-country relocations. That’s why we guarantee there will never any hidden or “surprise” charges. At US Eagle Moving, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing exactly what services the quoted price includes (and what services are not included) – plain and simple.


Contact the experts at US Eagle Moving for help with your next move.

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